Dover Closeouts: Great Looks for Great Deals

Dover Closeouts1) Riding Essentials Pull-On breeches- $20

These would be great starter breeches. They come in two colors, tan and black. Of course, the highlight is they are only $20!!! (Link Here)

Pull On Breech2) Riding Sport Cruiser Socks- $8

These Cruiser stripey socks come in 6 fun color combinations. At the rate I manage to go through socks, why not get these? They are only $8! (Link Here)


3) Roma Houndstooth Galloping Boots- $20

How gorgeous and fashion forward are these? Completely!!! First, I love hounds tooth. Second, they are $20. It doesn’t get much better than affordable fashion! (Link Here)

Houndstooth boot

4) Ovation Santa Rosa Belt- $8

Again, affordable fashion! This belt comes in two colors, red and black. The faux snakeskin is stunning and the black could look great in the show ring for a touch of pattern. This belt is only $8! (Link here)

Snakeskin Belts5) SSG Close Contact Pro Show Gloves- $8

These gloves comes in three practical colors: black, white, and brown. I am always losing my gloves and these could make a great back up pair when your favorites go missing or could also be great starter gloves! These gloves are a thrifty $8 (Link here)

Brown Glove

6) Under Armour UA Tech Short Sleeve shirt- $25

This shirt could make a great piece for layering in the winter or alone in the summer. The top comes in four exciting colors: Pink, Carbon, Moon Shadow, and Exotic Bloom. This top is only $25!!! (Link Here)

UA Shirt

If you like this set and would enjoy seeing more of the same, comment below!

Au Revoir, Ashlyn

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