Bridle Bling Review

I have started growing a collection of the Bridle Bling charms now & I just love them!!! I have 3 charms, a bracelet, earrings, & a necklace. The Bridle Bling products are durable & chic at the same time! My favorite product I have is the Classic Pearl Bridle Charm. Like the name implies, it is classic, yet fun at the same time. It stands out without being crazy & the pearls always match everything, which is very important (: This item is priced at a very reasonable $14.50.

The quality of these products is also very nice! My horse is a jumper & loves to fling his head & it is still there & looking great 6 months later, which is impressive! I show with the charm on too which is fun & it always get compliments!

Bridle Bling also has a lot of custom options. There are embellished spur straps with 71 different choices, which I have been eyeing for a very long time now. You can choose meaningful charms for your bridle, such as ‘Believe’ and ‘Dream’, or you can opt for the initial charm which is gorgeous too.

The products I have:

Charlotte Love Knot Earrings ($14.50)

French Link Bit Leather Bracelet in Cobalt Blue ($12.50)

Classic Pearl Bridle Charm ($14.50)

Flower power Bridle Charm ($14.50)

Rhinestone Solitaire Bridle Charm in Clear ($12.50)

Jumper Necklace ($16.50)

All of the Bridle Bling Charm Products can be found at

Bridle Bling Products

Au Revoir, Ashlyn

Equine Fashionistas


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