Spiced Equestrian

Spiced set 2

I am so in love with the Spiced Eq products! Their whole company’s theme is so trendy and fresh. I haven’t bought anything from the company, yet… but I am loving the phone cases, so maybe soon? There are purses, shirts, phone cases, and so many other great accessories. Also, the prices are reasonable! (note: their products are in Canadian Dollars). Hope you enjoy this set!

—> http://spiced.ca/ <—

  1. The Meadow Bucket Tote by Spiced Eq $50
  2. iPhone 6 in Chocolate Damsel by Spiced Eq $30
  3. Ladies Sweetheart Tee by Spiced Eq $25
  4. The Snaffle Pouch in Ginger Stripe by Spiced Eq $45
  5. Dover’s Padded leather nameplate bracelet (http://www.doversaddlery.com/ )$30
  6. Kate Spade New York Pearl and Gold watch (http://www.katespade.com/ ) $250
  7. Bridle Bling Allison Rhinestone pearl bow earrings (http://bridleblingcharms.com ) $12.50
  8. Samshield Premium Helmet in Brown Alcantara (https://www.smartpakequine.com/ ) $580
  9. Lo Ride Equestrian Classic Navy Blue Breech with Italian Cream Suede Piping (http://equestrilifestyle.com/ ) $200

Au Revoir, Ashlyn

Equine Fashionistas


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